Feral Pigeons have become widespread throughout the world, they are scavengers for food sources, and prevalent where human food consumption on any scale is occurring, which has led to them becoming a serious pest. The feral pigeon descended from domesticated rock doves. Feral pigeon population has increased over time by pigeons escaping from pigeon lofts housing racing pigeons.

Feral pigeons build their nests in sheltered areas. Feral pigeons commune under bridges, balconies, derelict buildings, residential and commercial loft spaces.

Feral pigeons both male and female, build nests which are usually flimsy crude structures. Feral pigeons brood all year in good conditions having up to 7 broods, with peak season between March and July. Feral pigeons lay between 2-3 eggs each occasion and have an incubation period of 17-19 days.

Bird proofing methods that work in respect of Feral Pigeons include netting and spiking to prevent roosting. Feral pigeons cause fouling that is hazardous to health and unsightly defecating for homes and businesses.
Bird spiking horizontal areas can be the most simplistic and cheapest method to eradicate this pest depending on the structural environment where nesting is taking place.

Bird proofing solutions offer protection from unsightly and harmful pest activity and provide the most humane method of keeping Feral Pigeons away from your property.

If you would like advice to address any feral pigeon activity then please do not hesitate to contact us and we can inform you of the best long term solution for your pest control needs.

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