Grey Squirrels were first introduced to the UK from North America in the late 19th Century. The squirrels multiplied in the UK between 1940-1945 and they became more widespread, due to the reduction in game trapping over the War time period. Grey Squirrels build nests called dreys. In the wild they are like a ball made of twigs, whereas in residential urban surroundings like lofts, Grey Squirrel dreys can be made of any type of insulating material from clothing, domestic supplies or any material that has a soft texture.

Squirrels usually nest twice a year between February or March and June or July. Squirrels normally have anywhere between 1-7 in litter and squirrels are weaned at 10 weeks. Squirrels are in fact blind for the first month and have a gestation period of 45 days once they have matured.

Squirrels are commonly found in broad leaf trees and bushes, and are common to urban areas such as parks and gardens. Squirrels will access roof spaces, damaged facia and soffit’s and can gnaw through wood to access lofts. Squirrels in residential lofts can cause a lot of damage to insulation, wiring and gnawing roof joists.

Squirrel trapping and proofing is required by a professional pest company to eradicate or otherwise control this pest.

Squirrels can live up to 20 years in captivity, more commonly in the wild up to 8 or 9 years. Squirrel diets vary from nuts to fruit buds including bird eggs and nestlings. Squirrels tend to bury their surplus food for retrieval at a later date.

Squirrels have excellent eye sight but prefer to forage in the daylight hours, and are expert climbers, hence squirrels are sufficiently flexible to navigate their way over trees as well as at ground level.
Grey Squirrels carry disease such as squirrelpox which is fatal to our native red squirrel. Grey squirrels have also been known to carry Weils disease and their ticks have been reported in spreading limes disease. Grey squirrels can be hazard to health but in the main this pest is more widely a nuisance due to the damage it causes to property.

If you believe you may have a squirrel problem then please give us a call for sound advice and a comprehensive resolution to your pest control issue.

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